Ned Cantrell

Ned Cantrell, originally from the UK, now lives in Denmark with his wife and growing brood. He was introduced to me by Anna Merete Groenlund, Groenlund Gallery, Denmark's most important gallery for glass sculptors. Ned's first exhibition with us last year were two works related to his aspirations as a new-found father, "Rocket Ship Baby" and "Jantelov." With his new work, playing with use of the graal technique, Ned joins the growing number of young artists whose work clearly addresses the visual vernacular of our contemporary value systems with imageries that surprise us with humor and reflection. We love Ned's sculpture and hot work and continue to support his artistic efforts (if you're attending SOFA Chicago 2008 this year, his work will be on exhibition there too!).

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Anonymous said...

Well done with the sale. I like your blog too.

Unfortunately I belong to Galleri Grønlund and as such am forbidden to exhibit with other galleries at SOFA, as long as I want to be represented there by them. This suits me fine because I feel very well represented by them and we have a productive relationship.

I would still be happy to send work for other exhibitions.