Today's News: Taliaferro Jones

Taliaferro Jones. Nimbus, 2006. Kiln cast lead glass.
Today's News: Taliaferro Jones shows in an exhibition curated by Melanie Egan for the Harbourfront Centre's Summer Exhibitions, "Material Wealth: Revealing Landscape." Opens tonight.

The exhibition statement: One of the most interesting aspects about materials (glass, ceramics, textiles, metal etc.) is their ability to act as catalysts for conceptual ideas. Ideas about landscape have prompted a viewing of material from a different perspective, isolating elements within the landscape and focusing in exploring the material’s meaning and its trajectory across culture and geography.

The artist's statement: My current body of work uses water as a metaphor to illustrate the ever-present alchemy of our existence. Water is the essence of life. When I dive into any body of water I immediately have an intense and profound sense of joy and wonder. In its duality, water is extremely powerful – crashing and yet, also calming; we cannot live without it. The work explores the different states of being within water. It touches on how we flow through our lives striving for a state of grace and beauty. Like our blue planet, our bodies are 70% water, yet we still have a need to ground ourselves; the paradox of standing still while always flowing. In many ways we are between states, part spirit and part matter, part liquid and part solid. I sought to use the lyrical dance of light, space and colour to explore and manifest these ideas in glass and photography.

Born and raised in Northern California, Taliaferro Jones holds a BA and BFA from Tufts University and the Museum School, Boston, followed by Sheridan College. Her work is shown in international exhibitions, including recent biennales in Spain, the Netherlands and South Korea. She has done large-scale commissions in London, California, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. Her work is included in the Canadiana Fund collection at Rideau Hall and El Museo de Vidrio in Spain. She has been featured by Bravo and TVO as well as in the following books: International Glass ArtThe Contemporary Glass Art of the WorldCraft of Northern California and Golf 365 Days. She is a founding member of the Cadence collective, currently sits on the board of the Ontario Crafts Council, and is on the developing board of a new foundation and Museum for contemporary art in Spain.

Taliaferro Jones. Caress, 2008. Kiln cast lead glass, sandblasted.
Her sculpture, Caress, will be included in the Oakland Museum's upcoming homage to the 50th Anniversary of American Studio Glass.

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