Artists we love showing at the Oakland Museum

It has been, shamefully, quite some time since our last post here. Our only explanation is that our work surprisingly took over to such an extent that we inexplicably shifted away from our love of this blog. To our readers, we offer humble apologies with the promise to amend and forge ahead.

Our news today is that some of our favorite glass artists will be featured at the Oakland Museum of California's celebration of the 50th Anniversary of American Studio Glass. They are: Marvin Lipofsky, Mark Abildgaard, Oben Abright, Latchezar Boyadjiev, Kathleen Elliot, Bella Feldman, Robert Fritz, Jaime Guerrero, Taliaferro Jones, Michelle Knox, John Lewis, Susan Longini, Richard Marquis, William Morris, Jay Musler, Danny Perkins, Clifford Rainey, Therman Statom, Cassandra Straubing, Randy Strong, Pamina Traylor and Mary White.

Marvin Lipofsky. California Loop Series #55 (1970). Blown glass, flocking.  8 x 36 x 27 in.

We are extremely honored to have been invited to share our thoughts on these artists with collectors, curators and museum professionals, and continue to support the beautiful work they make that we believe in so passionately.

To the artists and professionals involved in presenting this upcoming exhibition, thank you for your collaboration.


Anonymous said...

Strange David Ruth on of the very best glass artists in the country living in Oakland is not in the show...

Micaëla said...

Dear Anonymous,

We understand the glass community supports many artists residing in Oakland that were not included in the Oakland Museum's exhibition.

Anonymous said...

How could the 'Oakland' Museum of Art not include David Ruth's work? I would love to know how the museum makes it decisions since as an artist myself with a Master's in Architecture, it is clear his work stands prominently amongst his peers. If anything the decision not to capture Mr. Ruth's work is a strike against the reputation of the museum, shows a lack of integrity and/or the necessary qualifications to make informed decisions. It is sickening when a bunch of hacks take over any institution to promote their agenda. To that end it is a high complement to Mr. Ruth that he was not 'recognized' by the 'Oakland' Museum.

Micaëla said...

Dear John,
Why don't you just give me a call? We would love to address this issue with you personally. Many artists, collectors and art professionals were involved in supporting the Oakland Museum's decision to some extent. Ultimately, decisions were made by the Oakland Museum in line with its own institutional policies.