What is an Art Advisor?

Buying art to decorate your home or office can sometimes be more frightening than buying a new car. When entering an art gallery, a large white walled commercial space hung with beautiful artworks, and prices anywhere from $100 to "large six figures," I know more than a handful of people whose knees just simply quake.

MC Escher. Rippled Surface. 1950. Linoleum print from 2 blocks.
Finding the right artwork for your home or office can be daunting, but with the right person, it can be a fun and exciting adventure. Fortunately, art advisors are professionally equipped to help with the process, make finding beautiful artwork easy, and are experienced with pairing artwork to your needs.

We were recently contacted by a collector and challenged with finding artwork to finesse his collection and document it for insurance purposes. He had been collecting art since college, starting with posters, art books and small prints, and now collects inexpensive work by emerging artists and smaller, but slightly more expensive works by established artists. The world of art fairs was a new discovery and he was literally chomping at the bit! Concerned with making the right choices and investing his passion (and money) in the right direction, he sought our assistance for purchases and placement.

Scott Kildall. Future Memories. 2006. Video.
After meeting with the collector, armed with ideas and photographs, we prepared a budget friendly proposal. All it took was a friendly exchange of emails to get it just right. When all was said and done, we had a beautiful office and home, artfully arranged with stunning artwork that would grow with our collector, a database of information on file with his insurance company, and a catalog of beautiful images on his coffee table!

Based on your budget and interest, the art advisor will assist you with selections and advice to purchase art that you love. Your art advisor can be anyone, your art-savvy friend, or a seasoned professional.

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