Kristiina Uslar

Last night was an opening reception evening for many of our neighbor galleries (our building hosts openings on the first Thursday of the month regularly - making it easy for everyone to find the party!). As a result, even though we weren't hosting a reception for our current exhibition, we love a party and want to be good neighbors, so we stayed open a little later than usual ... wow ... what a crowd! Is it the après-holidays effect, or is everyone just tired of groaning about the economy? It was neither ... just lots of lovely, lovely crowds of art aficionados browsing every beautiful artwork by every gallery on every floor of our gallery-packed building!

Kristiina Uslar's work was a consistent favorite with its visual play of exquisitely delicate appearance (it looks like lace) and obvious industrial inspiration. Working in pâte-de-verre (literal translation: Fr. glass paste, it is actually a very fine grained leaded glass medium), Kristiina sculps her forms in a classic manner: creating a wax sculpture, a mold, rendering the wax, and pouring the
pâte-de-verre into it before kiln-firing the work. The resulting sculpture, in the refined hands of this Estonian artist (yes, she lives and works there), is an object that is immediately recognizable as an industrial turbine of some sort, but has such fragility one wonders if a breath of air will make it move, or blow away ...

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