Google Gremlins...Grrrr...Good News and Scott Kildall

Look! Yes, I know, we're back 'on' ... thanks to the confluence of puzzled emails from readers asking why a password was necessary to read our blog, it's finally free from the bonds of password protection! Sure, I might like to say our blog is the exclusive domain of those of us who know where to find it (and it is), but it will never be password protected. So, what happened? As anyone close to me knows, I'm a gadget freak. The latest tech toy is putty in my hands - the world could be in meltdown mode while I ply the secrets of the new. My confession: seduced by the promise of Google's new slideshow widget, I embedded it to David Ruth's latest blog entry. Voilà! The &%^*# widget caused the entire blog to acquire password protection status. That widget is gone, and David's new slideshow is up.

Last week, Linda Goldstein, Randy Strong and Susan Longini led a fabulous visit from about 20 members of GLANC (Glass Alliance of Northern California) to our Winter Salon 2008. Present to speak about their artwork were David Ruth, Michelle Knox, Gary Clemenceau and Scott Kildall. I am happy to write that members were impressed with discussions presented by our two artists present who don't work in glass - Gary Clemenceau and Scott Kildall. A recent graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with an MFA in Art and Technology Studies, Scott discussed his video, Future Memories, and his work intersecting media culture with human memory. Using appropriated material to bend rules of consent, his artwork depicts collapse between what is simulated and real, and expresses desire for human connections by changing media landscapes. Scott employs Second Life - an online world with simulated physical space - for artistic inquiry by remediating iconic performances and realizing 'imaginary objects' as paper sculptures, the resultant collision of traditional and new media become hybridized into a new artform where human emotion and memory are expressed in a new topography.

and yes, Hillary Clinton was confirmed as Secretary of State by our Senate.

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