What happened??? Bridge Art Fair 2008 Postscript

I know, I'd like to know what happened too! It's too easy to fling vile epithets and make another jab at the national economy, after, all, how many times can you punch a villain? Not enough, and certainly not enough when it's affecting everyone and the livelihood of all our artists. So here we go ... apparently, there were no crowds at the biggest, most amazing art fair in the art world. So, I can't give you fabulous war stories about how well we did, and which celeb floated by ... Yes, of course everyone blamed the economy (and after that boring refrain, the organizers were the next favored target), let's join the fray (grrrr ... sour grapes, anyone?)!

Disappointment? Sure. We would have loved to bring back beaucoup bucks, instant fame and gallons of South Beach's delicious cafe con leche, especially as Natalia took our most promising artists to this year's Bridge Art Fair at Art Basel Miami 2008. This was our second foray into the
annual Art Basel Miami cultural whirlwind, so we can no longer claim to be novices at the art fair scene, and I wish I could tell you it was all fun in the sun, but as you'll probably see from our images, below, it was grueling work transforming a (how many stars was that again?) rated hotel room into an avant-garde art exhibition. Challenges were choice - delivery obstacles, teeny-tiny room (ours came with a repair man to finish installing tile and fix the broken shower), paucity of exhibitors in our hotel, oh ... and where was the promised press? No matter, I guess, for a few thousand dollars (to buy in to this shindig), our job - to present beautiful artwork and introduce the work of our artists - was to see how far-flung galleries face adversity, right? Enough said. The artworks we showed, and the efforts of Natalia and Ashley, were beyond the pale and truly beautiful. Some of our visitors found works by Scott Kiernan, Tobias Tovera and David Yun cool enough to take home ... congratulations and thank you, Gentlemen!

Here's a small gift for those of us who didn't go - before, during and after shots of our exhibition! Thank you, Natalia and Ashley (now veterans of the Miami international art scene), for your hard work and for the images to show us our show!
Bridge Miami 08
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Anonymous said...

Hi Micaela,

How are things post-Miami? Your blog entry was great -- it sort of says it all and with humor, too!

Despite the work not selling, I had a great time down there and Natalia and Ashley were real troopers throughout. I tried to take them out for a drink on Sunday night, but they had to work well into the night to get things packed up.

I hope you feel like you made some good contacts or generated gallery interest. I haven't talked to any other exhibitors in the post-Miami wake, but I'm sure to hear more soon.

Best wishes,