More Miami Post-Mortems!

My new friend, Scott, sent this email to me this morning:

Incidentally, here is a blog about some impressions about Miami. It also links to Paddy Johnson's blog -- she had a lot of negative reports about Bridge -- I don't think this reflects on your gallery at all, but rather the organizing body and the troubles with the economy. Specifically, the unwillingness for them to adapt and change how their fair might be presented. http://edwardwinkleman.blogspot.com/2008/12/miami-debriefs-summary.html.

Well, I did what anyone would do when given a freebie like that ... I clicked on the link. WHOA!!! What a bomb full of Art Basel Miami news! It's confirmed - I need to refine my searches. So, I'm passing on my friend Scott's gift to you, and if you have a few hours, enjoy.

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