Taliaferro Jones...Toronto Design News

Image: Taliaferro Jones. diStill, 2008. Kiln cast glass, cast cement basin, water and pump. 12 x 19 x 32 in.

Featured in the latest issue of the GAS News, Taliaferro Jones' work for the Canadian design store, MADE, was introduced at one of the most important design shows in Toronto this year - Radiant Dark. Taliaferro's entry, diSTILL, combines water, crystal and light as it moves through their realms. Light enters the crystal and plays with the water in color, reflections and refrations. The viewer is shown a cool calm amidst the dark theme of the show. Jones has extended her exploration of glass liquidity and the fores of water through installation and mixed media. (excerpted from International Window: Luxury with Individuality by Siya Chen, GAS News, volume 19, issue 5)

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