Stig Persson

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Please join us on Friday, September 19 at 5 pm for the opening reception of STIG PERSSON | THE BIG SILENCE: Works 2003-2008.

Micaëla is proud to introduce the work of Stig Persson in his debut U.S. solo exhibition of glass sculpture, THE BIG SILENCE, WORKS 2003-2008, showcasing select glass sculptures by the artist from the period. A resident of Copenhagen, Denmark, Persson is a multi-awarded educator, designer and sculptor. Through his work, he cultivates interaction between the surface of glass and it´s inner poetry. Persson states, "Common for all my works are massive proportions to achieve a monumental expression, to create tension between the fragility of the glass and it´s transparency." His work studies the affect of the synergies of visualized restricted outer shapes and a perceived, inner vibrating silence. Pure, fascinated with strict geometric forms and two-dimensional profiles, Persson's work reminds us of Richard Serra's concern with Minimalist gestures that refer to architectural form. Similarly, Persson's work allows the active observer to encounter and understand the possibility of finding a personal meditative space in the interaction between the archetypical outer shape, the essence of the material and the unconscious self of the viewer (click here for his 2005 interview).
The exhibition opens today, Tuesday, September 2 and will be ongoing through October 31. Opening reception, with the artist in attendance, is Friday, September 19, 2008 at 5 pm.

Glass, a mysterious substance found in nature as raw crystal and in grains of silica, is an extraordinarily difficult medium to sculpt and possess. Mastery of its form and color is steeped in dramatic history spanning continents and politics over thousands of years - yet we continue to delight in all its permutations and marvel at its unique relationship with light. Micaëla is proud to present this beautiful exhibition of sculpture and exceptional artist to you. We invite you to visit our gallery or explore our website. For high resolution images or additional information, please contact Natalia Pudzisz by email or telephone us at (415) 551-8118.

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