David Ruth news...

David Ruth has been working on the Levuka Fountain installation at a posh mall in Santa Ana for a while now. At our studio visits, I saw the fountain emerge in various stages from the mock up to its glass elements. The pieces were beautiful, and finally late this summer, it was installed. I'm very sorry I can't see it , yet, in its actuality because it's in Southern California, and I'm here in San Francisco, but here's an image for you to enjoy:

As an aside, I'll ask him to send us an image of another fountain installation he did for a local building.

Other news: David's solo exhibition, Sticks and Stones, at Bill Traver's gallery in Seattle ended a few weeks ago. If you've been busy like me, and haven't had time to travel to make it to his show, here is an installation image: (click on the link to see the works on exhibition).

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