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Art glass panes reflect patterns of nature, locale
Wind in the Willows, created by Bay Area artist David Ruth for the new Willow Glen Branch Library, is a group of 54 art glass windows; they vary in size from 6" to 27" square and are installed in an asymmetrical pattern across the west-facing wall of the new Library.
Artist Ruth met with Willow Glen residents at the start of the project. They shared with him their strong affinity for the area's natural features, tree-lined streets, and craftsman-era style homes, their sentiment about the region's the agricultural past and as well as their embrace of a new, modern aesthetic emerging in the neighborhood, and their pride in the Willow Glen community. These ideas helped shape his concept for the artwork.

Ruth's windows are intended to capture the feeling of light as it filters through tree branches, particularly through willow tree branches. The windows are a striking feature viewed from either the interior or exterior, during day or night. During the afternoon they create colorful patterns reminiscent of light through leaves on the inside of the library; in the evening
, light from the Library emanates outward through the windows.
WillowGlenWindowDetailv.1 WillogGlenRabbits
The artist collaborated with the architects and the Library Design Team to integrate these glass elements all along the facility's prominent West wall. Made of a durable borosilicate glass that is able to withstand the dramatic seasonal temperature changes, the artwork is a functional filter for the often intense afternoon sunlight. Each piece of glass is handcrafted and unique, lending an element of discovery to Wind in the Willows. Of great importance to the community, the architects were also able to preserve an existing tile mural in the courtyard. My Rabbits, Stories in Clay was created with donated community funding in 2000 by artist Nina Koepcke and children from Willow Glen Library in memory of Helen Clair Owen.

The Willow Glen Branch Library Grand Opening is Saturday, August 23. The official program is from 11:00 AM - 12:00 Noon; artist David Ruth will be present to discuss his work immediately following the program. The location is 1157 Minnesota Avenue, San Jose 95125.

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