Scott Kildall presents Sperm Bank

Scott Kildall will present a popup show at Wire+Nail gallery this weekend called Sperm Bank.

Working with playful interpretations of the masculine seed, the artist will offer for sale selling various items for the holiday season. These include small plexiglass wall pieces, soap (in a limited supply) and vinyl cutouts with special versions for your laptop or bicycle, all at affordable prices.

Those of us who know Scott, are well familiar with his rich personality and wry humor. An artist inspiring wild introspection and more than the occasional silly giggle, his work addresses (and questions) popular notions of actual and virtual realities.

He will be present at Wire+Nail Saturday night and Sunday afternoon. Even if you aren't planning to purchase anything, we'd still love to see you there.

Where: Wire+Nail Gallery, 3150 18th St #104, San Francisco:http://g.co/maps/y3e4s
Times: Saturday (12/3) 6:30-9:30pm and Sunday (12/4) noon-4pm

Top: Sperm decal
Right: Sperm soap
Left: Bike decal

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