Project 1:2011 Los Angeles Art Show

Launching 2011 with its inaugural exhibition, Project 1:2011 at the LOS ANGELES ART SHOW, Micaëla Gallery + Projects (USA) introduces the following artists: Donata Benker, Marvin Lipofsky, Eugenia Pardue, Lorraine Peltz, Kevin J. Pocock, and Nicole Schmoelzer.

Firmly planted in the 21st century, our gallery program embraces the enriched vernacular provided by contemporary fine art approaches to drawing, painting, and sculpture. With an exhibition of paintings addressing ideas, social perceptions (Benker, Pardue, Peltz) and light (Schmoelzer), sculpture (Lipofsky), and video (Pocock), Micaëla Gallery + Projects presents an introduction to Los Angeles of artworks that are as beautiful to regard as they are engaging.

Each artist was carefully chosen because of singular contributions to contemporary visual dialogues.

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