Saturday night, I decided to attend another gallery's opening reception because my gallery neighbors, John and Chris Windle introduced me to a friend of theirs, Alex Schneiderman, a photographer from London whose work was newly featured at Chandler Gallery. John and Chris are the kind of people that can only be described as lovely. They are gentle, articulate, happy and enthusiastic. In their manner, they spoke about Alex' work and showed such devotion to their friend and his work, I had to attend the reception. The image on the left is one of Alex' works on exhibition.

On my way Alex' reception, I bumped into Alan Bamberger at the Sculpture Site Gallery. Alan asked if I was checking out the competition ... and frankly, no, I wasn't because I admire Sculpture Site's work so much, I can't consider it competition. Alan is an intrepid writer who attends almost every single art opening in San Francisco and comments about them on his website. He's amazing. And so, when I asked him if he knew where Chandler Gallery was, he suggested we walk together since he was on his way there too. He asked what sent me in that direction, knowing photography is not exactly my forte, and when I told him about John and Christ, he told me they belonged to the same club of antiquarian dealers. Ah, what a small world this is.

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