Peter Bremers

Peter Bremers' work draws unadulterated awe for its quiet, pure expression of sculpture. He describes his work as an offering of gratitude for the overwhelming emotion he feels when confronted by the majesty of nature. While this probably sounds florid to the casual American reader, to view his work, one marvels how (no, not just technically, but how) he managed to capture the essence of the silky dark ripples of a deep arctic sea and all its mysterious colors. Peter's work will be on exhibition at the Winter Salon 2008 through January 17, 2009.
(image by Paul Niessen, left:
Iceberg+Paraphernalia 2005-52, kiln cast Reichenbach glass, 53 x 36 x 8 in., 2008)

Micaela Gallery began its Salon program in the summer of 2005, to offer invited artists a curated exhibition venue and promote an active exchange of ideas in an informal setting.
As the Salon d'Ete grew, Director Micaela Van Zwoll expanded the Salon program to offer a broader, more formal direction featuring contemporary fine art emphasizing conceptual artwork in drawing and digital art, glass sculpture, paintings and video art. Invited artists share a commitment to conceptual discipline, formal methods, rigorous process, and mastery of their chosen medium. Today, Micaela Gallery hosts COLD+HOT and Winter Salon - two annual group exhibitions that introduce, and open, the gallery's following program season. For submissions to COLD+HOT 2009, please click this link.

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