Stig Persson at SOFA Chicago 2008

Tonight is the Opening Gala for SOFA Chicago 2008! So soon after a historical hometown event (there's still confetti in the streets!), we're thrilled to be here and to present our work to our guests. The exhibition continues through the weekend until Sunday. If you're in town, and would like a pass to visit the show, please let me know, as I may have a few extra and can put them aside for you at the 'will call' desk!
Please click on either image above for information on Stig Persson, today's featured artist. Stig is becoming quite the jet-setter with flights to San Francisco, for his debut solo U.S. exhibition, and his third (or fourth?) return to SOFA. If you manage to make it over, you'll no doubt find him wandering about, a tall, thoroughly amiable and pleasant fellow! Stig Persson and Ned Cantrell both show work with us at our booth (no. 703) and with their Danish gallerist, Galleri Grønlund.

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