Jenna North and Peter Foucault at The Garage Biennale

The Weather Reconnaissance, jointly curated by Jenna North and Peter Foucault
The Garage Biennale, 2830 Pacific Ave. , San Francisco, CA
November 22nd 2008 7PM – 10PM

Artists can tune their antennas like no other species, and the Weather Reconnaissance is an attempt to exhibit a diverse range of creative work in response to both the micro and macro interpretations and influences of this force that affects everything from mood to doom.

Also showing: Angela Baker, Lisa Blatt, Zack Eichelberger, Peter Foucault, Sid Garrison, Jessica Haggenjos, Rachel Jablo, Scott Kiernan, Keira Kotler, Mary Anne Kluth, Yoon Lee, John Melvin, Andrew Mills, Jenna North, Shalo P, Kevin Parks Hauser, Jackson Patterson, David Sanchez Burr, Larry Sheradon, Patrick Wilson

Performances by: Pete Ippel, Dori Latman, Jsun Adrian Mccarty, Bryan Reuter of Cloud Archive

Curated by Jenna North and Peter Foucault

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