Weston Lambert

Weston Lambert is a recent graduate from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. When I heard this, I immediately imagined a young surf sun worshipper, not a glass sculptor! He might be both, right...? He is definitely well-schooled in the practice of glass sculpture, with attendances at Dale Chihuly's Pilchuck Glass School and the Glass Furnace in Istanbul. Lambert's works use glass and stone to document the passage of time. In his statement, he writes that the glass and stone he works with represent geological sedimentation as a natural record of time. This must be undoubtedly so, because it takes an awful lot of time to so perfectly laminate one sheet of glass after another and incorporate beautiful pieces of stone along the process. Oh, and then, there's the grinding and polishing aspect...not at all a work of instant gratification. The resulting works are captivating in every manner. From a distance, his works look like pools of mysterious liquid frozen by surrounding light and space. On closer inspection, the optical tricks of glass against glass draw the viewer into a seemingly unending play of more light and new found depths. While most of his works require an intimate viewing, all his work incorporates surprising finesse and understanding of the material of glass in his oeuvre.


Anonymous said...

Dear Micaela,
Thank you... As for the surfer in me- here is a small anecdote- I bought a cheap board right when I moved to Hawaii, and proceeded to use it only twice in the three years I studied in Hawaii. In the end I gave it away to a friend who used it twice the first day he received it from me.
I found that every time I mentioned to people that I went to school in Hawaii I was met with a sarcastic smirk and a comment along the lines of 'oh, I bet you study hard... on the beach' or 'it must be tough going to school in paradise,' which continuously aggravated me and drove me further into the studio and away from the hedonistic pleasures naturally paired with the place I lived. In short, I knew that if anyone were going to take me seriously, I would have to allow my workaholic side to take the lead during my tenure at the University of Hawaii. That's why you won't see 'accomplished surfer' in any claims I make about myself!...

Micaëla said...

Dear Weston,

Thank you for your email...since we haven't met, I could only surmise and succumb to common notions of life in Hawaii...and I just returned from Kona, so when I wrote that I was still suffering from the holiday. Well, if its any consolation, there is no cure for what people will think, but you can move on regardless and do what you love. That said, I look forward to seeing you work, I'm delighted you are interested in showing it at SOFA with us. I understand your email very well, and I hope what I wrote in my blog was inoffensive. Please keep in touch - what are you doing these days?

Kind regards, Micaela