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Dear Reader,

First, thank you for reading this blog. Really. It's very good to know you're here.

Today's post is something of a rant (please forgive me, the need is overwhelming). I commute to work from the East Bay to San Francisco. Most of my friends think I'm nuts to do it, but the truth is that I love the cultural aspects of San Francisco too much to settle for a comfortable life in the 'burbs. Occasionally, it's an awesome commute. Like today. Saturday, traffic backed up for miles in the Maze, impossible to get on the Bay Bridge because...a cute little red VW flower child car rear-ended a cheap white Toyota driven by dread-locked flower children (the Toyota was a total loss, rear end crumpled into oblivion, VW seemingly unscathed). When I finally zoomed by and craned my neck to get a good look, all parties (a gazillion young people) were not at all peacefully coming to terms with this event of their young lives. No one looked hurt, I am grateful for the driving God that graced them with that blessing, and hurtled on to work...and here is what I found... You know, this can't be what my realtor meant when he told me this was a high traffic area...bloodcurdling WHINEZZZ from the three (yup, the third mixer is in front of the other two) cement mixers, bone-jarring DRILLLLINGGGGG, GRINNNNDDDDINGGG stuff from the jackhammers...oh, yeah, today's going to be a great day for business. Spare yourself, just stay away.

Next, to all you lovely (I mean it, lovely) artists who like this blog and the stuff I'm posting about you - please, please say so in the "comments" section of this blog. It's there for you. You'll either make my day or break it, but certainly someone else will be happy to read it. People love to hear from artists, especially when the work is supported by a gallery and promoted as fiercely as we promote you! If you're shy and don't want to post your own comments regarding this blog, have no fear - I will. It's only right that people know what you have to say. Don't worry, I'll give you full credit for your comments, I'll be polite and nice, and promise never to credit anything you say to myself. On the other hand, if you have something just for my tender ears (yes, they are...and they get more so over the growing years), be assured - I do read all the email you send to me. I reply with amazing speed to compliments, but it takes an eternity to recover from emails even mildly laced with acid or strychnine. How to contact me? Email is best - micaela@micaela.com. I spend 'way too much time on the phone and work like a fiend to promote your work and pay my bills, so telephone calls and personal visits are strongly discouraged. But if you're determined to ignore that little personal thought, give it a try at:

Micaela Gallery
333 Hayes Street, San Francisco, CA 94102 USA
tel. 415.551.8118
(you have my website url, that's how you got here, right?)

Cheers to you for now, and hasta manana, my friend.

Ever truly yours,

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